How important is your car to you? Is it the main tool for daily activities such as work, school, or leisure? Would you feel lost without access to your vehicle? Precautions like insurance and defensive driving help to protect your car, READ MORE

Summer is already here, it’s time to make sure your car is ready for the triple-digit numbers! With the intense summer heat – all aspects of the car are subject to depreciate at a much faster rate, especially the internal components of your vehicle.


So the bride wants valet…

When parking is limited, inconvenient or difficult to find, or if the bride and groom just want to impress their guests, valet is a welcome added service. READ MORE

Coordinating all aspects of a charity gala, fundraiser, political event, meeting or convention can be challenging. The valet company should work closely READ MORE

The only thing better than hosting a great party is planning one that benefits a worthy cause to boot. Any business, from a large corporation to a small startup, can make a difference and gain public brand awareness through a charity event.


American Valet is ready to take on any party you plan, delivering unmatched valet and charter transportation services for private and special events.