Thank you for providing valet service for our special event on December 7 and your responsiveness to all the details that went into making it a success! I greatly appreciate the extra effort that was evident with the logistics of moving our event due to the weather. Many last minute requirements were met thanks to your well coordinated efforts.

A special thanks to Jim Pipper for his superior service as manager of the event. He was thoughtful and considerate in responding to the unique demands of using a residential condo property and having to valet cars off site to a parking garage. His compliance with the Optima’s property management team was so important to everything running smoothly. His professionalism and care was amazing to watch!

Scott Weesner was a pleasure to work with – in walking the venues of our first location and then again for our back up location. In both meetings he offered valuable insight for valet set up and logistics.

At the last minute, Katie Asmussen responded in a timely manner with a certificate of insurance requirement for our off site parking location. Without this, our entire event would not have happened. On little detail – but so important!

I know we had several valet providers on site for the event, all of whom did a fantastic job servicing our guests. When I think of all the people were involved in the success of our event, I am truly grateful for each person’s personal contribution.

I will recommend American Valet to all of my friends and colleagues.
— Sharon Haugen