Valet Parking Company Forms and Fillers

Booking Valet for Your Private Event

in the City of Scottsdale

Typically American Valet just needs to know the date, time, location and number of guests expected at your private event.  Sometimes we may need to conduct a site inspection to determine the logistics for the private party or event.

If it is determined that public areas are to be used for a valet parking zone, for storing patrons’ vehicles, or for traveling, the City of Scottsdale also requires American Valet to submit an application for a valet license.  With a license, American Valet can use curb space on a public street for arriving and departing valet guests and we can also use public streets for parking.

A valet license is NOT required for any private party event in Scottsdale that where the patron loading/unloading zone and parking is entirely on private property; however, a valet parking operator license shall be required when the vehicle or the keys to the vehicle are given to the valet parking attendant on any part of the public way, even if the actual parking of the vehicle is done entirely and solely on the establishment’s premises.

The process to apply for a valet license in the City of Scottsdale is very detailed. American Valet must prepare and submit the valet parking license application in enough time to get it approved by the city.  The Scottsdale Valet Application and Fees are usually submitted no later than thirty (30) days before the date of the event.

The Scottsdale Valet Application Form must include the:

  • Information about the establishment and the company running the valet parking service, including names and addresses including a phone number that is answered in person 24 hours a day.
  • The days and hours that the valet service will run.
  • The location of the valet parking zone and number of parking spaces available.
  • An estimate of how many cars will be valet parked.
  • Number of valet attendants working - a minimum of 2 attendants per hour must be scheduled during each hour of operation.
  • Letter(s) from the owner(s) of any off street parking location granting permission for American Valet to use the parking spaces and when they may be used.
  • A map with the plan, route, and description of how valet attendants will greet and get cars to and from the parking lot(s).
  • The location of the parking lot(s), the number of parking spots, and the number of spaces at the parking lot that will be set aside for the valet service.
  • Examples parking station, signs, receipts, tags and cones to be used.
  • A copy of the Certificate of Insurance.

American Valet must determine where the vehicles will be parked and where the podium will be placed to greet arriving guests.  If the parking spaces are privately owned, American Valet must locate the property manager and receive permission from them in writing to use their parking spaces.  Also, as required, American Valet must provide a Certificate of Insurance to the owner.  The City of Scottsdale prohibits American Valet from reserving spaces in parking facilities owned by the city.  Parking cannot be reserved and must be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

After all that, a police officer of inspector can suspend valet operations if the valets obstruct traffic flow, opening doors or disembarking guests outside the valet parking zone, reckless driving of valets, not preventing patrons to park illegally while awaiting valet parking, backing vehicles into the right-of-way or parking in areas not approved in the license.

American Valet has the experience and knowledge to ensure your event will be in compliance with all ordinances.  We will navigate the licensing for you.  Please contact us to arrange parking for your next charitable event or private party in Phoenix, Scottsdale or Paradise Valley.  Call us at (602) 424-8347 or visit to request a quote.

Contact our Division Manager at 503-861-9182 for pricing and a customized program.