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6 Simple Tips to Avoid Car Vandalism

How important is your car to you? Is it the main tool for daily activities such as work, school, or leisure? Would you feel lost without access to your vehicle? Precautions like insurance and defensive driving help to protect your car, but is that really enough? Think about all the places you take your car on a daily basis and where you finally decide to park it. Do you seek the most convenient spot, maybe under the shade of a tree or the spot closest to the exit? That spot you choose can drastically increase the chance of vehicle vandalism. This can be a dent in the fenders, a flat tire, stolen gas, theft, and much, much more. Although in many cases these kinds of damages can be justified as an accident, the majority of vehicle vandalism is a result of strategic planning. According to CNN, $1.255 billion personal items are stolen from cars each year. Why not prevent vandalism in the first place? Here are some tips to keep your vehicle safe and secure when you are away.

  1. Keep your car clean and free of clutter. A conspiring thief usually looks for easily accessible items that have value. Make sure items are covered or hidden out of sight. If possible, take valuable items with you.
  2. Park in a visible, well-lighted areas. An area that is dark and/or hidden gives a robber an easy target.
  3. Make sure your doors are locked! It sounds like common sense but about ¼ of cars in a public parking lot are left open!
  4. Look for surrounding security cameras. If someone is gutsy enough to vandalize your car, recorded security footage will find the culprit.
  5. Upgrade vehicle security features. Something as small as a security decal can detour a vandal. If you have a little extra cash, install an alarm system as an extra precaution.
  6. Use a valet parking service. Valet is a fast and easy option especially when parking is hard to come by. Not only are valets required to fully secure your vehicle, the lots are always monitored by staff and often have security cameras.

By following these simple steps, you can rest easy when away from you four wheeled life line! If you are in the southwest region, you may have a chance to take advantage of American Parking & Services parking services. Our experienced team of valets make safety and security the number one priority when caring for your car. With over 37 years of parking experience and specialized parking technology, your vehicle is always in good hands. For more information on American Parking & Services services, call (602) 861-9182.

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