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NAU Parking Lot in Flagstaff - National Bank View

NAU Parking Lots

by American Parking & Services

NAU Parking

Downtown Flagstaff Parking / NAU Parking

Parking in downtown Flagstaff can be challenging. Fortunately, American Parking & Services has partnered with local businesses to make their business parking available to visitors. Our self-service parking pay stations are perfect for visitors attending a NAU arts, performance or academic event; and anyone who would like to explore downtown Flagstaff’s many shopping and dining options.

Parking Locations

Our easy-to-use pay stations are fast, with clear instructions to follow on the screen. All pay stations accept credit cards, debit cards, and currency.  Customers can enter their mobile phone number when prompted to receive a reminder text message when parking is about to expire. Customers can send a reply message with the amount of additional time needed and will receive a confirmation message indicating their parking session has been extended. Parking lot attendants monitor the lots to ensure that visitors are safe, secure, and free to enjoy Flagstaff’s many entertainment offerings and events.

Contact our VP of Business Development at (602) 861-9182

Superior Service And Leading Edge Technology

American Parking & Services has a reputation for offering superior service to our customers and clients, and is well known for employing leading edge technology in parking solutions. Our T2 multi-space pay stations are highly secure, flexible and make parking management as seamless as possible.  Our parking attendants are polite, well-groomed and trained to provide excellent customer service.  Their role is to keep your parking areas clean and orderly to ensure that space usage is maximized, patrol the lot to prevent vehicle and property damage, and assist customers with payment questions.

As an experienced service provider and parking management company, American Parking & Services has the resources to properly and effectively manage your parking lot. This may include projects such as signage replacement or upgrades, cleaning or repairs.  Our experienced management team will provide ongoing input and suggestions to improving your bottom line.

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