Valet Services Team Photo

Meet the Team

American Valet

Mike Pendergraft

President & Ceo

EXTENSION 208: Born and raised in Arizona, Mike is a third generation Phoenician. During high school, Mike worked for US Valet as a...

Janice Pendergraft

Director of Finance

EXTENSION 202: Janice joined American Valet in 1998. She heads up the Accounting Department...

Steve Stroesenreuther

Chief Operating Officer

EXTENSION 205: Steve serves as the Chief Operating Officer of America Valet and is responsible for the day-to-day leadership, general management of the company...

Sue Guido

Director of Training

EXTENSION 203: Sue joined our team as the Training and Development Manager. Prior to joining American Valet Sue was the Senior Operations Training Manage...

Barbara Conner

Payroll Manager

EXTENSION 206: Barb Conner is a payroll industry veteran with over 18 years of payroll management experience. Barb joined American Valet...

Brian Lubbs

Business Analyst & Contract Manager

EXTENSION 204: Brian came to American Valet with extensive operations management experience in a customer focused, specialty retail environment. He joined our team as a...

Lynn Giunta

HR Manager

EXTENSION 215: Lynn Giunta comes to American Valet with 14 years of HR Management experience from the software industry. She has joined the Human Resources team...

Mark Pecak

Operations Manager

Mark Pecak is an experienced operations manager with a history of working in the healthcare industry. Mark is responsible for valet operations in Phoenix and Las Vegas, managing processes and procedures to ensure our customer and client satisfaction through...

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