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Professional Hospital Valet Services

American Parking & Services is committed to specialized training that is focused on the unique capabilities required of professional valets performing hospital parking services. These capabilities include the careful, empathetic treatment of patients and their guests as well as adhering to healthcare regulations in a hospital setting. Our valet parking teams offer full service, curbside parking, and wheelchair assistance that will make patients and their guests feel safe and secure from the moment they arrive.

Over the decades, American Parking & Services is proud to have provided elite parking solutions for medical centers, outpatient clinics, and hospitals all over the Southwestern United States.

Our Patient-First Approach

Parking at hospitals is often an inconvenient and stressful endeavor. American Parking & Services relieves that stress and uncertainty by providing professional, hospital parking services and solutions that make hospital parking simple and easy.

Our patient-first approach ensures that our parking attendants are dedicated to providing friendly, personal attention and efficient parking services to all patients and guests. This means that when guests arrive on site, their personal needs are attended to before their vehicles.

Additionally, our valet attendants adhere to all facility safety procedures while providing guests with the superior, professional care and assistance that hospitals have come to expect from American Parking and Services.

We take hospital parking seriously. All our hospital parking staff members receive specialized training, so that they are familiar and compliant with numerous requirements and guidelines, including but not limited to ADA requirements, DOT guidelines, HIPAA, and EMTALA.

Why Hospitals use American Parking & Services

Professional valet services have become a standard at hospitals nationwide, and for good reason. Patients arriving on site are often ill or experiencing physical limitations. For these patients, having quality, personal attention at the moment of arrival is absolutely essential.

Most hospitals have large parking lots or multi-story complexes that are not easily navigated by patients in need of medical care. Providing valet parking gives patients front door access as well as assistance with getting out of their vehicle and into wheelchairs or mobility devices. In bad weather conditions, valet parking can even prevent injuries sustained in parking lots covered in ice or rain. Offering a simple and convenient alternative for sick, older, or disabled patients places a priority on the guest experience and has a positive affect on a hospital’s reputation.

Hospitals that offer valet parking services distinguish themselves as being modern and patient-focused. Overall, the various benefits of offering valet services far outweigh whatever the fiscal costs may be.

Specialized Training

The professional attendants and shuttle drivers from American Parking & Services are trained in, and familiar with, current requirements and guidelines, such as:

  • ADA requirements
  • DOT guidelines

Support Systems and Quality Assurance

American Parking & Services provides field management support with dedicated professional onsite managers and team leaders, as well as ongoing client contact with our healthcare Division Manager. We provide employee screening, background checks, hiring, scheduling and compensation; client-specific training at American Parking & Services University. We also offer a full range of quantitative reporting tools.

Peace of Mind

With your hospital or medical facility listed as additional insured, we carry liability and umbrella insurance, including general liability, property damage and garage-keeper liability.

Hospital Parking Management Services

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