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Self-Parking Near NAU and U of A

- American Parking & Services

Find convenient, easy-to-use parking near Arizona’s busy universities.

University Parking

With tens of thousands of students and frequent events drawing visitors from near and far, finding parking near Arizona’s large universities can be challenging. Fortunately, American Parking & Services has partnered with local businesses to make their parking lots available to visitors. Through these arrangements, we offer self-parking near NAU, U of A, and the surrounding areas.

With clear instructions to follow on the screen, our easy-to-use self-service pay stations are perfect for visitors attending arts performances, sports games, and academic events, or just exploring the many shopping and dining options available near the universities. All pay stations accept credit cards, debit cards, and currency. By entering their mobile phone numbers, customers can opt to receive a reminder text message when their parking is about to expire. If they need more time, they can easily send a reply with the amount of additional time needed and their parking session will be automatically extended.

Our well-trained and courteous parking lot attendants monitor the lots to ensure that visitors are safe, secure, and free to enjoy the area’s many events and entertainment offerings. They also keep a close eye on the lots in order to maximize space usage and prevent vehicle and property damage.

Downtown Flagstaff Parking Locations

Our self-parking stations are available at the following locations in downtown Flagstaff:

Heritage Square Parking Garage

Leroux Retail Parking Lot

National Bank of AZ Parking Lot

NAU Parking Lot

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parking Lot

San Francisco Parking

Mobile Payment Systems for Self-Parking Lots

In addition to our pay stations, we are pleased to now offer mobile-only, touchless payment systems for self-parking lots and garages. Featuring the latest technology, these systems will allow lot owners to generate revenue without having to invest in costly pay machines. American Parking & Services will conduct check-ins to ensure that your parking lot or garage is always safe, clean, and well-managed—while enabling you to stay in control of the lot and enjoy the majority of the revenue share.

With a long-standing reputation for offering superior service and parking payment systems that incorporate the latest technology, American Parking & Services ensures a safe, convenient, hassle-free parking experience for customers and a multi-beneficial relationship with our business partners. Contact us today to get in touch with our management team!

Free up time and effort to focus on your business by letting the experienced team at American Parking & Services handle all the details of your parking lot or garage. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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State-of-the-art Parking System for Greater Protection

Protecting your customers’ vehicles and the liability of your operation can be challenging, especially when it comes to fraudulent claims. At American Parking & Services, we offer garage management parking systems that reduce claims, as well as track and monitor vehicles for safety and protection.

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