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A Proud History of Professional Valet and Parking Management Services

When American Parking & Services was founded in 1980, our goal was simple: we wanted to provide the highest quality of courteous, professional valet and parking management services to businesses and patrons nationwide. Over the years, our "family operation" has grown to more than 600 employees at over 80 locations, including hotels and resorts, casinos, healthcare facilities, retail centers and more. Although we have expanded and now work with businesses across the Southwest, we maintain a local presence in each area that we serve, and our core mission has remained the same—to provide top-notch service and help our clients deliver outstanding experiences for their patrons.

About Valet Parking Services - Our Difference

Our high level of service, and ultimately our success, comes from employees who are professional, dedicated, and friendly. And while many businesses claim similar values, the level of quality we provide is evident from the recommendations and accolades from our many satisfied customers.

What Sets Us Apart?

With a dedicated, well-trained staff, specialized services tailored for each client that we serve, and state-of-the-art equipment and technology, American Parking & Services constantly strives to provide the best valet and parking management services available. Our many years of experience and our commitment to excellence set us apart from the competition—and our clients appreciate the difference right away.

  • Dedicated valet parking with onsite supervisors and team leaders
  • Area managers who provide ongoing support for our clients
  • Professional, friendly and uniformed valet parking attendants, guest attendants and more
  • Vehicles and Equipment:
    • Mini-buses, mini-vans, passenger golf carts, and optional motorcoaches
    • Valet podiums, cones, and custom signs
  • Technology and Communications:
    • Our new mobile-only, touchless payment systems, which maximize convenience for customers and allow self-parking lots to generate revenue without having to invest in costly pay machines
    • State-of-the-art valet parking technology and radio communication, which enable us to serve our customers more efficiently
    • Valet Express – an automated communication system that allows our customers to have their vehicles waiting for them when they are ready to leave
  • Support Systems:
    • We handle employee screening, hiring, training, scheduling, and all forms of employee compensation
    • Our administrative services provide regular quality assurance reports and a full range of quantitative reporting tools
    • Our management program assigns division managers to support our client accounts
    • Local phone numbers for 24-hour customer service support, customer assistance/emergency assistance and security
    • Local representatives and parking lot ambassadors
  • Carry liability protections including: public liability, property damage, garage-keeper liability and bodily injury and your facility is listed as an additional insured
  • Strict key control procedures and lockable key podiums

Our commitment to providing the highest level of service is driven by our people. Meet our senior management team, or call us today at (602) 861-9182 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Read the bios of our senior management team.

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