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Finding Parking Around Campus

With the fall semester in full swing, getting around busy university campuses can be challenging. Whether spending the weekend in Flagstaff or catching a game in Tucson, there are a lot of great attractions surrounding these universities. But with thousands of students and visitors coming in and out of these areas, it can be tough to not only find a place to park, but one that is also safe and secure for your vehicle. At American Parking, we offer a number of lots and garages around NAU and U of A campuses, and with contactless payment and well-trained parking lot attendants, we want to ensure your parking experience is quick and painless. If you want to make the most of your time in Flagstaff and Tucson, finding parking should not be a concern.

Parking Near NAU

Downtown Flagstaff boasts a lot of great entertainment options and events throughout the year, but particularly during the school year, parking can be a headache. We offer a number of parking lots throughout downtown depending on your needs. Our NAU and San Francisco lots are situated on the south side of downtown and offer easy access to both NAU campus as well as J. Lawrence Walkup Skydome to the south. Our NAU lot in particular is located near Beaver and Dupont and is an easy walk south to the university. With the football season in full swing, a convenient parking spot north of campus allows an easy way to get to campus while avoiding a lot of the traffic common in those areas. Homecoming week is also a popular time for parents and alumni to enjoy a week of campus events and activities, and having an easy, accessible place to park is a huge benefit.

If you are not a parent or football fan and just want to enjoy some of the sights of downtown, we also offer a collection of lots away from the busy campus center. Our Heritage Square, Leroux Retail and NBAZ lots provide easy access to many attractions downtown. There are a number of shops, restaurants and hotels in and around the Heritage Square and downtown areas, and many visitors enjoy walking around and enjoying the sights. By providing easily accessible and secure places to leave your car, you are free to enjoy all Flagstaff has to offer.

Parking Near U of A

As one of Arizona’s largest universities, U of A is a popular destination for parents visiting, as well as fans of their collegiate teams. We offer two parking lots around Tucson, with our Silver and Parke Ave lots located just west of campus. U of A’s football and basketball teams are very popular and draw a lot of fans in for games, so having reliable parking options around campus is paramount. And while the University is a big draw, our lots also provide easy access to Main Gate Square and other attractions like museums and restaurants off campus.

With the Territorial Cup being played at Arizona Stadium this year and a lot of sporting events in and around Tucson, parents and fans alike will be glad to have easy parking options on busy game days. Our touchless pay stations allow for easy mobile payments and ensure a safe and convenient parking experience for customers.

Why choose us?

Parking around some of Arizona’s largest campuses can be hard to find, but our self-parking lots and garages take a lot of the hassle out of finding a spot. Whether you are a parent visiting or a football fan coming in for the game, we offer a number of lots around major points of interest in Flagstaff and Tucson.

Our contactless pay stations offer the convenience of mobile payment, making it easy to get in and get out without having to worry about driving around forever looking for a spot or a pay station. There are lots of entertainment and events around these busy campuses, and we want visitors to have a fast and safe way to park and enjoy the sights. We also offer customers the ability to enter their mobile phone numbers so that they will be notified by text message if their parking spot is about to expire, and also offer the ability for them to reply to receive more time for their spot. Our stations accept all forms of payment, making parking a breeze.

At American Parking & Services, we have more than 40 years of experience in the parking management industry and have worked with some of the biggest names in the hospitality, healthcare and entertainment industries. Over the years we have grown exponentially, and we are now in over 80 locations across the Southwest and employ over 600 individuals. Our foremost concern is still providing exceptional, top-notch service to any guest who walks through your doors. The moment a customer steps on to your property, we want to ensure that they have a 5-star experience.

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