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Retail Valet Parking Services by American Parking & Services in Scottsdale

Retail Valet Services

by American Parking & Services

You’re in the Business of Delivering Fantastic First Impressions and Customer Service

— So Are We.

Restaurant Valet Services by American Parking & Services in Tuscan

Going shopping should be a relaxing, rewarding experience—and few things can cause unwanted stress like not being able to find a parking spot. With retail valet services from American Parking & Services, we’ll provide well-trained, courteous shopping center valets and handle all aspects of parking management for your business. Our professional staff is committed to delivering fantastic first impressions and service that will leave your customers wanting to visit your establishment again and again.

Retail Valet Services

Finding a parking space in a busy mall or shopping center can be more frustrating for your customers than a rush-hour traffic jam—while a relaxed, happy customer is likely to spend more time (and money!) enjoying their shopping experience. With our retail valet services, American Parking & Services will make your customers feel like VIPs from the moment they arrive at your shopping center, while ensuring that they’ll be able to enjoy a leisurely time without having to worry about their vehicles.

VIP Parking Passes

American Parking & Services offers reserved VIP Parking at most of our locations. As an American Parking & Services VIP, your customers will receive complimentary service, front row VIP space, and parking even when the valet lot is full. In addition, American Parking & Services VIPs receive a 10% discount on valet services for private parties, special events and shuttle or charter services. You can purchase VIP Parking Stickers for $250 (a $350 value) by contacting us at (602) 861-9182Learn more about our VIP Program.

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Whatever You Need...

American Parking & Services brings you state-of-the-art technology, communications systems, account service, administrative support, equipment supply, and liability protection—so you can concentrate on your customers!

Shuttle and Charter Services for Malls, Restaurants and Other Businesses

In addition to our valet parking services, we are pleased to offer:

  • Shuttle and charter services for malls and other businesses, as well as for corporate parties, grand openings and special events
  • Service tracking systems
  • Garage and parking lot management
  • State-of-the-art technology, including our new touchless, mobile-only payment systems
  • Account service and administrative support
  • Equipment supply
  • Liability protection
  • And more!

Contact American Parking & Services today to find out how we can help you deliver a relaxing, enjoyable experience for your customers each time they visit your retail outlet.

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Whether you're a mall, restaurant, or business, our comprehensive valet parking and transportation solutions free you from the responsibilities of providing parking lot and garage management, shuttle & charter transportation, and valet services.

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