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Booking a private party event in Paradise Valley

Booking a private party event in Paradise Valley can become complicated.  A Special Event Permit is required for a wide variety of events or short-term activities that may impact neighboring properties, and that

involve: the use of temporary structures; the temporary use of residential property for commercial or charitable purposes; the use of pyrotechnics or other temporary displays visible or audible off the property; the temporary use of public rights-of-way; or the use of temporary signage in the public rights-of-way.  Special events such as parades, runs, block parties, film production and other activities which would temporarily use a valet service and/or public street parking require a Special Event Valet Permit.  Special Event Valet Permits are issued by the Paradise Valley Code Enforcement Officer.

A completed special events valet application, including three (3) copies of all submittals and payment of the application fee, must be submitted to the Paradise Valley Community Development Department at least 15 days before the scheduled Special Event. The 15-day time limitation may be waived upon the applicant’s agreement to waive the appeal provisions, except for permits that involve a Special Event Liquor License or events that take place on Paradise Valley-owned property.

Within 15 days after receipt of a complete application, the Paradise Valley Planning & Building Director may approve the request; conditionally approve the request with limitations and stipulations; or deny the request with the reason for denial stated. The Director’s decision shall be final unless within ten (10) days of the receipt of the decision a written appeal is filed to the Paradise Valley Manager.

Exemptions to Permit Requirements

The following categories do not require a Special Event Valet Permit, provided they do not involve the use of temporary structures; the use of Paradise Valley rights-of-way, including valet activities that involve the use of Paradise Valley owned rights-of-way or valet parking occurring in prohibited areas; aerial activities that involve the use of aircraft or tethered balloons; the use of temporary traffic directional signage in the public rights-of-way; or the use of off-duty police officers for directing traffic in the public rights-of-way:

  1. Garage, Yard or Estate Sales
  2. Minor Events
  3. Certain Charitable Events
  4. Special Use Properties
  5. Funeral Processions

American Parking & Services has the experience and knowledge to ensure your event will be in compliance with all permit process.  Please contact us to arrange parking for your next charitable event or private party in Phoenix, Scottsdale or Paradise Valley.  Call us at (602) 424-8347 or visit to request a quote.

Contact our Division Manager at 503-861-9182 for pricing and a customized program.

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