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Summer Car Care

Summer is already here, it’s time to make sure your car is ready for the triple-digit numbers! With the intense summer heat – all aspects of the car are subject to depreciate at a much faster rate, especially the internal components of your vehicle.

American Parking & Services wants to remind that it is imperative that you give your car a check-up; unless you like being stranded on the side of the road in 100+ weather. Little things like internal car coolant (antifreeze), tire pressure, and even keeping the exterior body of your car cool can make major impact on a vehicle.

Checking and adding coolant to your vehicle is like jumping in a nice pool during a hot summer day for your car. Although this may sound intimidating for the non-petrol heads out there, adding coolant to a vehicle is relatively easy. In the majority of modern cars today, a closed coolant reservoir is usually located conveniently underneath the hood (review your owner’s manual for precise location). When it’s time to add the coolant, make sure it is directly between the minimum and maximum hash markings. Always remember to never open the radiator cap or coolant lid when the engine has been running. These components can be extremely hot and dangerous!

Like car coolant, checking the pressure of your tires is a very important move before the heat of summer. Whether you are taking a trip to the Grand Canyon with the family or just driving your daily commute to work, the pressure in the tires can make a big impact on your ride. Let’s start with a little tire science to give you a better understanding on how important this is. When the climate begins to increase, so does the air in your tires. With the increased pressure, the tires possess a greater risk of a blowing out. A Simple check to make sure your tires are at optimal pressure (not maximum pressure displayed on the tire sidewall) can increase handling, avoid a flat, and even increase your average gas mileage.

Lastly, keeping the exterior of the car cool is another simple way to keep it running smooth and even increase the overall longevity. Simple things like parking in the shade, garage, or simply putting up a sunshade can keep those harmful UV rays away from that crisp paint job. Occasionally waxing your vehicle with UV protection formula is an additional way to decrease sun damage when shade is not an option. When you valet park your vehicle either ask the valet to park it under shade or ask them to place the sunshade on the dash.

Preparing for the extreme summer heat is the easiest way to keep your vehicle performing at full potential for the summers to come. Following these few simple steps will keep you off the side of the road and give your more time to focus on some summer fun!


Car Wax with UV Protection:

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