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Why Should You Hire a Professional Parking Lot Management Company?

Whether you own a stand-alone parking lot or garage or there is one on your commercial property for your customers to use, you are probably familiar with the many concerns that come with maintaining the parking facility. From security to staffing to payment systems, there are numerous different factors to manage in order to ensure a comfortable and convenient experience for your customers. Fortunately, hiring a professional parking lot management company offers a way to eliminate the hassles of owning a parking lot or garage, freeing up time, energy, and resources for you to focus on your core business operations.

If you’re unsure whether hiring a professional parking lot management company is right for your business, the following overview may provide some insight into the many benefits of this service.

What types of businesses do parking lot management companies serve?

Professional parking lot management companies serve a variety of businesses, including commercial parking garages and self-parking lots, hospitals and other healthcare facilities, shopping centers, universities, and several other businesses that have parking lots or garages on property. Additionally, many companies—including American Parking & Services—offer valet and guest attendant services for restaurants, hotels/resorts, casinos, and more.

What does a professional parking lot management company do?

Depending on the client’s needs, a professional parking lot management company may provide a range of services with the goal of creating a safe and convenient parking experience for users while alleviating the management burden for the client business. For example, at American Parking & Services, our parking lot management solutions include the following:

  • Providing attendants and other staff to maintain the parking facility. At American Parking & Services, the team members we provide receive client-specific training with a focus on safety and service. We also handle pre-employment screening, hiring, payroll, and other HR functions.
  • Handling payment systems. For instance, American Parking & Services recently introduced mobile-only, touchless payment systems for self-parking lots and garages. Using the latest technology, these systems are designed to help parking lot owners maximize revenue while eliminating the need to invest in costly pay machines.
  • Providing phone numbers for round-the-clock customer service support and emergency assistance/security.
  • Maintaining the parking facility and making repairs as needed to ensure a clean, safe environment.
  • Handling claims and coverage for accidents and other incidents.
  • Ensuring proper signage to guide traffic.
  • Providing revenue and reporting systems and tools.
  • And more!

How can a business benefit from hiring a professional parking lot management company?

While you might not give your parking lot the same level of attention as you do other parts of your property, it’s still an important factor in your customers’ experience with your business. After all, it’s one of the first points of contact customers have when visiting your property. If parking their car—a highly valued asset for most people—is a frustrating process, or if customers do not feel that the parking facility is fully secure, they may develop a negative impression of your brand.

By entrusting your parking lot or garage to a professional lot management company, you can rest assured that the facility will be safe, clean, and properly run at all times. Here are a few of the key benefits your business will enjoy:

  • A more positive customer experience. As customers come and go from your business, they will feel confident that they have left their vehicles in a secure, clean, and well-maintained facility with convenient, user-friendly payment systems (if applicable).
  • Free up time, energy, and resources to focus on your business. From staffing to maintenance, a professional parking lot management company can handle all the aspects of operating your parking facility that would otherwise divert resources away from your most important business functions.
  • Stronger return on investment. Since companies like American Parking & Services specialize in parking lot management, we have tried-and-true systems in place to maximize results and efficiency. Therefore, you will likely enjoy a stronger ROI than if you had to use your own staff and resources to manage your parking facility.

What should you look for when choosing a parking lot management company?

Since a parking lot management company will reflect your brand and be responsible for some of your customers’ most valuable assets—their vehicles—it’s crucial to choose a company you can trust. As with any other business partner with which you will work closely, taking time to do your due diligence and assessing factors such as the following can help ensure that you choose the right parking lot management company:

  • Number of years in the industry
  • Past and current clients
  • Membership in industry associations, such as the National Parking Association
  • Client reviews and testimonials
  • Important safeguards, such as liability protection

At American Parking & Services, we are proud to boast more than 40 years in the parking management industry. We serve a wide variety of businesses across the Southwest—including Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Western Texas—and have worked with many of the region’s most highly respected brands in the hospitality, healthcare, and entertainment industries. We provide parking lot management services for properties with parking garages or self-parking lots, handling all needs required to ensure that the facility is safe, clean, and convenient for your customers. In addition, we offer professional valet and guest attendant services guaranteed to create a strong first impression when clients arrive at your property.

To learn more about what sets us apart, visit here or contact us for a quote.

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